QooL GameQ Monitor V3 is a query server status customizable. in order to get the status It uses latest PHP GameQ class. To be honest it can query not only quake 3 server but a long list of server how documentated in the Austin Bischoff Github.

Monitor alsi uses PHP,  Pure Javascript, HTML and CSS using Visual Studio Code as editor.


^B and ^b make text blink
^F makes the text display only in the first half of a second

makes the text display only at the last half of a second


resets control stuff like ^B, ^F, ^f


^XFF0000 is red

^X777777 some kind of grey



Here just some info, some snippets for quake 1.32, ioquake and osp mod.

Quake 3 has some similiar and different command set.

Here you will find some useful quake 3 server commands.

I have an custom menu script that allow me to see players connected or connect to FF or Beaver 7.

I bind F5 to show a menu with 4 options:

1. FF Server Server Status   2. Connect to FF
7. Beaver 7  Server Status   8. Connect to Beaver   1. Nothing

Quake 3 has 2 nice commands to list all commands and variables.