Here some useful notes regarding the Lord Smeagol mod.


Weapon accuracy stats are shown at the end of each game, and for players leaving.
They show the number of shots fired, and the percentage of possible damage inflicted for each weapon.
Hitting many players with 1 shot will give higher percentage :)
You can also use the /STATS command to see the stats at any time.



To allow players to skip maps they don't like, they can simply leave the game (going to spectator).
As soon as there are no players remaining, the game will end.

Players can then press Ready to move on to the next map.
Any player can then enter the game to play on that map.
If no players enter within 15 seconds, the game will end, and the next map can be selected.



If the server admin is using the new map selection technology, you can use the /LIKE and /HATE commands to help the server select maps that you like, and avoid maps you hate.
Simply tell the server which maps you like, and which ones you hate:

/LIKE q3dm7 q3dm13 q3dm12 ...upto 9 maps, your favourite map first, then next favourite ...
/HATE q3tourney6 q3dm19 ...upto 9 maps, your most hated map first, then the next ...

You can also set them in your config to always be available by using:

setu Like1 q3dm7 // set most liked map
setu Like2 q3dm13 // set next most liked map ...upto 9 maps

setu Hate1 q3tourney6 // set most hated map
setu Hate2 q3dm19 // set next most hated map ...upto 9 maps

The server will use these from all players to select the next map.

Note: the server Beaver 7 has his own maps rotation, so hate and like will not work



The /HELP comand will show you if this feature is active, and which maps the server admin has made available, and which voting options (if any) are available.