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Here just some info, some snippets for quake 1.32, ioquake and osp mod.

All contents are included in sections for a better readable. 

Game mismatch: This is a QuakeArena-1 server

I got this error while I was trying to connect to eXy server using an ioquake3.x86_64.exe

I write to the ioquake forum and suggests was to use +set com_gamename "" when start quake.


ioquake3.x86_64.exe +connect  +set com_gamename ""

See the topic ioquake forum 

Key to Open Console

If you have a wrong key to open the quake console you can use this way to program the wanted key.

Use the var in_keyboarddebug 1 to able the debug and found your  hex key. 

Take notes of your hex code and disable the debug in_keyboarddebug 0 .

In my case I see 2 hex codes for back slash \ (IT keyb) and tilde ~, so in my config I added the following instruction:

set cl_consoleKeys "0x5c 0x60"

Move weapon switch to the botton

I think it's osp command, I am newbie on osp stuff, btw if your weapon switch are on the left side you can move it using the following:
set ch_weaponswitch 1



- have fun -


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